New and Used car Dealership profesoninal that will not waste your time!

Who says Car Sales Cannot be Fun!

Robcrandall at Lejeune Honda and used car dealership

Who says car finding a vehicle is not fun!!! was started to have a place where people can get their questions answered about new car and used car dealership sales and service.  Consumers can get honest information from someone who works a Honda car dealership in Jacksonville, NC and that believes in Honesty, Ethics and Value.

Information for New or used car dealership

People can get information no matter where they are in the purchase process, from just purchased a  new or used Honda car all the way to we are looking to make our next new or used vehicle purchase. Many in Jacksonville, Richlands, New Bern and Wilmington are looking for a car sales professional that they can trust to get the information they need to make an informed choice. If you are looking for someone to help you with your vehicle search that can give you honest information and sincerly wants to help make your vehicle search better. This is the place for you.

Honesty, Ethics and Value

I have heard many military people and their families from Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point say “ you cannot buy a car at a car dealership in Jacksonville, NC”. As a retired Navy Corpsman, this bothers me. I want to be the professional that my brothers and sister can turn to and get the Honesty, Ethics and Value they deserve.

  • Honesty:

    Consumer need to have a place to ask question and get correct information. Many think that car salespeople will lie and cheat just to make a deal. Not here, this is the place to get that honest information. Information about the history of the car (accidents, where has the car lived…) is vital for a car shopper to know. I provide truth information and will also let you know if I don’t know something. If I don’t know , I will find the answer for you.

  • Ethics:

    Consumers are trying to find the vehicle that best suits their wants and needs. Many times the salesperson will try and convince the consumer that this other vehicle will work better just so the salesperson can make more money. Here you can get true help with that search. Many consumer want information to better understand their options and how to make the best choices available. Some customer have circumstance that arise and they may find themselves in a tough place. This could be people with good or bad credit, negative equity and more. I will put information out to help them improve their circumstances.

  • Value:

    Consumer look to find the cheapest price to drive the car search. Value is more than the dollars and cents you pay for a vehicle, it is also what come with the vehicle as in assistance with setting, service appt or many other issue that come up during vehicle ownership. The value after the sale is as important that before or during. How to videos will include step by step guides in how to set and use them to the full extent. The days, months and years after the sale is where the consumer disconnect  happens. The salesperson has made their money and then moves on to the next person. I will keep bringing the value after the sale. Consumer need someone to help in many ways after the sale. Things from scheduling a service appointment, setting question on their vehicle, getting a scratch or small dent fixed. The customer may have a simple question about a setting or a feature where do they turn? As a sales pro at Lejeune Honda in Jacksonville, NC I am here to answer the simple question and also assist my customers with the hard to tackle issue that arise.  I care more about the relationship than the purchase. Whether you buy from me or not I want to help.

Service after the Car Sale is dedicated to the service after the sale and for those that are left behind by car sale person from other car dealerships with no value or assistance, I will assist those that want to be serviced by a true professional with honesty, ethic and value.

We will also be taking input from consumers via question or request for information. The ability to get the information that you are looking is important to me. I value any input to improve the quality and quantity of the information provided.