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Hi I'm Rob @ Lejeune Honda, originally from a little town in upstate NY called Avon. I spent 20 years as a Hospital Corpsman. Eleven of those years I spent here at Camp Lejeune , I now make Jacksonville my home.  I joined the Lejeune Honda team in March 2012, not knowing much about the "car business" I set out on this journey.

While a new salesperson I was learning from my peers. While watching the other salespeople interact with their customers I saw example of both good and bad customer service.It brought  back a memory of one of my 1st jobs as a dishwasher in a little restaurant, the owner Tim was also the cook. I learned that I didn't like washing dishes and I started to learn to cook. Tim taught me that everything you do had a sign on it with your name on it. I wanted to have the best customer service and I work to improve my customer service skills every day.

Rob @ Lejeune Honda's Customer service Oath

  • Honesty - Is one of the corner stones of Rob @ Lejeune Honda's customer service experience. As long as We are  honest we never have to remember what we said.
  • Ethics- Rob@ Lejeune Honda will  provide an Ethical experience with all customers. If I have to lie or trick you in to doing something, that is not what I want to be part of. I never want to have to run and hide when I see one of my customers in or out of Lejeune Honda.
  • Value- Rob@Lejeune Honda  continues to provide value before, during and after you drive off in your new or used vehicle.


In the end I know that if I do not  find the right vehicle for you and your budget, it will always be my fault.  I know car sales people don't have a great reputation, it is my mission to change that one customer at a time. I  believe in honesty, ethics and value. Before you go anywhere else, come to Lejeune Honda. Your time will not be wasted!

Rob @ Lejeune Honda want's to help you

Here Rob @ Lejeune Honda we want to help new or use vehicle shoppers in the nearby locations such as New Bern, Richlands, Sneads Ferry, Hampstead and Wilmington get the help you need from a true professional. If you're a Marine, Sailor, Coastie or Soldier, retired or active duty, I  will give you the best service available as you give your all to our country day in and day out. So, send me a message here today (what do you have to lose?) or come on in to Lejeune Honda and ask for me, Rob @ Lejeune Honda!